Tree Surgery in Kent

Do you have a poorly tree or trees on your property that are overgrown? Poorly or overgrown trees can cause damage to your house or property. If overgrown trees are in close proximity to your house, their large roots could cause damage your house’s foundations, and poorly or dying trees can be devastating on a house’s roof if they fall in a storm.

We offer the following tree surgery services:
Oak Tree Surgery

  • Tree felling
  • Crown Lifting
  • Crown Thinning
  • Pollarding
  • Pruning

Tree Felling

If a tree is diseased, is too big for the location it is in, or has been deemed to be unsafe, we can safely fell the tree to avoid damage to your property.

Crown Lifting

Where there is a problem with access or with visibility under the tree canopy itself, we can prune the tree, removing the limbs that overhang unwanted areas such as telephone lines, buildings and other obstacles. This sort of pruning should be carried out before the tree reaches maturity.

Crown Thinning

If your tree’s canopy has become too thick, it can block light and air, and also create dense, thick roots that can damage foundations. We can thin the tree in a way that is beneficial to the tree, removing the limbs from the middle of the tree.


This method of tree pruning keeps trees smaller than they would naturally grow, and is only recommended for trees if carried out from when the tree is young, then annually to keep it at your determined height. Pollarding is carried out in late Winter or early Spring.


Trees often benefit from annual pruning, ensuring they are fit and healthy. We will remove any branches which are damaged, diseased, and weak. We will also remove climbing plants such as Ivy and Wisteria which can be damaging to trees.

If you’re interested in our tree surgery services, get in touch and we can give you a quote.