Log-Stacking Service

Seasoned Firewood Logs Stacked against wallHave you ordered a load of firewood logs, and would like us to do the heavy lifting for you? We offer a log-stacking service and will carry and stack logs in your preferred location at the cost of only £5 per cubic metre.

When ordering your firewood logs, simply let us know you’d like us to stack them for you and we will add our log-stacking service to your total.

Our firewood seasoned with a low moisture content to burn well. However, if your wood isn’t stored correctly this will have an impact on how your fire burns. Your firewood logs are best stored in a dry area to ensure it will burn well when needed.

If kept outside, then the logs should be elevated off the ground and covered to protect them from rain and dirt. Use of an indoor fire-basket or log store will further dry out your logs before use.

Interested in our log-stacking service? Keep your hands clean, your back straight and let us take the weight off your shoulders!

You can order your firewood logs by getting in touch or calling us on 07413 018 471.