Firewood Logs Storage

Firewood Nets of Logs at Mongeham Logs WarehouseWe offer a discount for buying our seasoned firewood logs by the net in bulk. If you want to buy your firewood nets in bulk but don’t have the space to store it, we can store it for you and deliver them when necessary. We store your harwood firewood nets inside a dry warehouse to ensure your hardwood logs burn well when you need them.

Firewood Net Bulk Discount Prices:

  • Up to 10 nets – £5 each
  • 11 nets to 20 nets – £4.75 each
  • 21 nets and up  – £4.50 each

If you are interested in our bulk firewood net storage service, please  get in touch or call us on 07413 018 471 to see how we can help you.