Hardwood Kindling

Nets of hardwood kindlingAre you looking for better kindling to get your fire burning properly? We offer premium, hardwood kindling year-round, made from sustainable, responsibly-sourced wood to get your fire burning brightly right from the start. You can buy our hardwood kindling per bag or in bulk. For small quantities, there is no minimum order, but is collection only or you can add it to your firewood order.

Hardwood Kindling Prices:

  • Small kindling bags – £5 each
  • Large Kindling bags – £10 each
  • Bulk orders – contact us for availability and pricing

We are proud to source our kindling from UK suppliers. Our quality controls give you a consistently good quality product.

Our wood is monitored to ensure moisture content levels are appropriate, from the point at which wood is brought into our grounds through to delivering it to your door. This means our wood is dry, containing less than 20% moisture. This gives off less smoke and chimney deposits and means you get more heat from the same amount of wood.

If you’d like to order firewood and hardwood kindling, or are looking to purchase kindling in bulk, please contact us today.