Kiln-dried Ash Firewood Nets

Would you like premium firewood logs that are exclusively kiln-dried ash and sourced by UK suppliers? At Mongeham Logs, we looked far and wide to find the best firewood fuel, offering exclusively ash – the “king of firewoods”, and source only using UK suppliers.

You can buy our firewood by the crate, or in the smaller amounts here as handy nets of firewood, which can be easier to store.

Better-Burning Firewood

The use of high-quality fuel is better for building great fires, better for your home and the environment. Our kiln-dried ash is guaranteed to be dry and we test to ensure it has no more than 20% moisture content, meaning it will always burn well.

50 Nets AshPrices for Nets of Kiln-dried Ash

50 nets - £285 (including pallet delivery)

70 nets - £345 (including pallet delivery)

The logs are cut to a uniform 10 inches (25 cm) suitable for the vast majority of modern stoves and fireplaces.

Why Ash?

All of our logs are Kiln Dried so we can guarantee a moisture content of less than 20% – equivalent to many years of traditional seasoning, and we only supply Ash – regarded as the “King of Firewoods” as it’s one of the densest of the hardwood logs.  Ash produces a steady flame and a good heat output – one kiln-dried log can burn for around an hour, producing 4KW of heat.

Ash is very dense, with its fibres packed close together, which means it burns for much longer periods than softwood; and indeed most other hardwoods.  Ash has a very good energy density, providing 2926KWh per cubic metre when burned (at 20% moisture). Though it can be burned green, like all logs it produces the best heat output when kiln-dried.

If you would like to order our seasoned firewood logs, get in touch by calling us on 07413 018 471 or you can contact us online to order your logs today.